Investment Philosophy

We strive to prudently create, preserve and enhance wealth for our clients in a risk conscious and socially responsible manner. We focus on achieving positive returns with as little risk as possible in our Conservative and Moderate Portfolios. Chartwell's investment management is based on an open platform approach. We focus on identifying investment strategies that we believe will generate positive returns in the current investment environment. We search the investment world for investment management teams that consistently offer exceptional management skills in those areas. When investment conditions change we reevaluate our strategies and change them and the managers as necessary to continue to add value to our clients' portfolios.

The initial focus is on your specific investment objectives and risk tolerance. We then design an asset allocation consistent with your needs. Only after completing these steps can we build a portfolio unique to your personal situation. This portfolio will consist of a variety of investments and strategies to help you achieve your objectives. Your portfolio is then managed according to your stated investment objectives, using investment management techniques designed to achieve optimum performance. Whatever strategy is employed, the management of risk and volatility, corresponding with the expected returns, is a key element of the advice and management that is provided.

Chartwell designs portfolios using a selection of suitable external managers or in the case of larger portfolios we are able to design and build customized investment programs. Investment managers are selected from some of the most prestigious and respected private banks and investment houses in addition to some highly successful niche managers. These managers may be located in Canada or elsewhere around the world.

We also provide investment strategies that aim to generate positive returns in all market conditions. Many of these strategies have no correlation to the stock or bond markets. This results in lower volatility and better returns for our clients. We develop mutual funds and investment products designed to meet the needs of our clients and structures that offer access to these strategies in an efficient and flexible manner.  We also have strategies aimed to achieve high, long term growth for clients that are able to accept more risk.

We are very conscious of the risk we take with every single investment, whether it's in fixed income, equities, derivatives, real estate, etc and how each investment fits in an overall portfolio. Our goal is to provide all of our risk averse clients with low-volatility portfolios which generate consistently positive returns.