The investment objectives of the Magna Opportunity Fund will be to generate superior long term returns and to maximize long term growth.  The fund will remain small with a low cost structure in order to maximize returns to unit holders.  Earnings will be primarily capital gains.

The Magna Opportunity Fund will be actively and opportunistically managed and may focus on specific sectors at any one point in time depending on market conditions.  The fund may hold as many as four funds in addition to its stock holdings.  The fund may employ leverage, short sales, stock options and warrants if attractive opporunities arise.  The Fund invests primarily in the USA and Canada.

There is no restriction on the amount of leveraging that the Magna Opportunity Fund may undertake at any given time, although it is the intention of the Investment Manager to never exceed leveraging in excess of 50% of the net asset value of the Magna Opportunity Fund. The Magna Opportunity Fund may invest in investment pools which use leverage within their structure.